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The Public Image is Rotten

The Public Image is Rottenpublic image rotten, British rock icon John Lydon and fellow bandmates recall the years they spent performing as Public Image Ltd.

Paul Byrne | Digital Film Colorist

The Public Image is Rotten: – The Public Image is Rotten: – After the breakup of the Sex Pistols, John Lydon / John Rotten formed Public Image Ltd (PiL)– his groundbreaking band which has lived on nearly 15 times as long as his first one.

He kept the band alive ever since, through personal and stylistic changes. Fighting to constantly reinvent new ways of approaching music, while adhering to radical ideas of artistic integrity. John Lydon has not only redefined music, but also the true meaning of originality.

Former and current bandmates, as well as fellow icons like Flea, Ad-Rock and Thurston Moore, add testimony to the electrifying archival footage. (Including stills and audio from the infamous Ritz Show). Lydon offers a behind-the-scenes look at one of music’s most influential and controversial careers. He is known for his trademark acerbic wit and unpredictable candour.

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The Public Image is Rotten

John Lydon: Vocals (1978-Present) 
After fronting the Sex Pistols, John Lydon formed Public Image Ltd in 1978.  Outside of PiL John has released several solo records and collaborations. He also brings the quality TV to the masses. He has recently released the autobiography ‘Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored’.
Further Information: JohnLydon.Com

Lu Edmonds: Guitar & Misc (1986-88) (2009-Present)
Multi-instrumentalist and former guitarist in The Damned Lu joined PiL in 1986 recording and playing on the album Happy? He co-writing the album 9. Adding another dimension to the PiL sound. Lu is associated with a variety of eclectic and acoustic bands including The Mekons and Yat-Kha.
Further Information: The Mekons

Bruce Smith: Drums (1986-90) (2009-Present)
Former drummer in The Pop Group and The Slits became percussionist for PiL also in 1986 playing and recording on the albums Happy? and 9. He is seen as a drumming virtuoso, Bruce Smith brought his unique style into the fold. Bruce played with the likes of Björk and Terence Trent D’Arby.
Further Information: Discogs

Scott Firth: Bass & Keyboards (2009-Present)
He is a bass player/multi-instrumentalist that has collaborated and played with a variety of top musicians and bands including Steve Winwood, John Martyn, Elvis Costello and The Spice Girls. Scott’s arrival into the band in 2009 resulted in John Lydon declaring him “Genius at work!” 
Further Information: Scott Firth MySpace

The Public Image is Rotten

Additional members of public image ltd

Keith Levene: Guitar; 1978-83
Jah Wobble: Bass; 1978-1980 
Jim Walker: Drums; 1978 
Jeannette Lee: non-musical member/admin; 1978-82
Dave Crowe: non-musical member/admin; 1978-81 

similarly Vivian Jackson: Drums; January 1979, Eddie Edwards: Drums; February 1979, David Humphrey: Drums; February 1979 , Richard Dudanski: Drums; April-September 1979, Karl Burns: Drums; September 1979, Martin Atkins: Drums; 1979/80/81 & 1982-85, Sam Ulano: Drums; 1981 

similarly Steve New: Guitar; 1980 , Joe Guida: Guitar; 1983, John McGeoch: Guitar; 1986-92, Mark Schulz: Guitar; 1984-85 

similarly Pete Jones: Bass; 1982-83, Louis Bernardi: Bass; 1983-84, Arthur Stead: Keyboards; 1983, Tom Zvoncheck: Keyboards; 1983, Bret Helm: Bass; 1984-85 
similarly Jebin Bruni: Keyboards / Guitar; 1984-85, Bill Laswell: Bass / Producer; 1986, Allan Dias: Bass; 1986-92 ,Ted Chau: Guitar / Keyboards; 1989 & 1992 
similarly  Mike Joyce: Drums; 1992 
similarly  Russell Webb: Bass; 1992 


The Public Image is Rotten


Paul Byrne