Paul Byrne

Digital Film Colorist

Old Spice DUO

Old Spice

Paul Byrne | Digital Film Colorist


The never before seen, two-sided clean—a flexible, dual-sided body cleanser that scrubs, cleans, and smooths skin. Just add water for rich cleansing lather, then hang DUO to dry after each shower until lather fades. Lasts up to 30 uses. DUO’s scrubbing side subjects dirt to a death spiral down your shower drain. Cleans 2X better than our basic body wash + a puff. The soft side leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated better than ordinary bar soap, leaving behind its sad former life. Laugh as rich cleansing lather drop-kicks dirt out of your life. Like most men, Old Spice DUO has two sides—a soft side and a scrubbing side that decimates dirt from your body. Force your body to smell good with Old Spice Pure Sport, even when it doesn’t want to.DUO is designed and tested to remain clean and safe to use throughout its life, up to 30 showers.

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Paul Byrne